Breed Registration Services

We will interface with your breed association to complete ALL of your animal registrations and transfers. This service is more than data entry.  The following tasks are routinely completed:

  • Assign sire based on service sire and breeding date
  • Assign sire based on DNA results
  • Notify customer of missing data based on breed specific requirements
  • Communicate with breed association to resolve registration issues
  • Provide customer a list of animals needing DNA samples
  • Complete all paperwork and submit DNA samples for analysis
  • Complete all breed specific Total Herd Reporting requirements
  • Maintain accurate inventory lists with breed association
  • Communicate with your partners to insure all animals you sell or purchase are accurately transferred in a timely manner
  • Follow up to insure animals purchased by customers are accurately transferred

Our services are customized and flexible.  If you have a special request, just ask!  

For example, one customer asked us to assign names starting with 'E' to all of his bull calves.  We registered 124 bulls with different names starting with 'E'.  (Think  Edgar, Earnest, Earthquake...).  We do our best to accommodate any request!