Genetic Consulting

Genetic Questions? We can help.

Whether you are a purebred cattle producer marketing elite genetics or a commercial beef producer selling calves at weaning, genetics are crucial to the success of your operation. Investing in quality genetics and genetic technologies is an effective way to improve profitability. Our Genetic Consulting Service is available to answer your questions and optimize your genetic program. Potential topics for discussion include:

  • Development of a plan to utilize DNA technologies
  • Evaluation of herd performance trends over time
  • Discussion and explanation of your herd's EPD performance relative to the breed
  • Demonstration of the predictive accuracy of EPD in your herd
  • Recommendations for genetic selection and culling strategies
  • Development of custom selection indices
  • Definition and evaluation of novel traits
  • Advice for mating decisions or inbreeding management
  • Mating assignments
  • Development of selection candidate lists