Data Management Services

Our goal is to offer the service you need.

Beef cattle production systems are diverse.  We understand data management needs are operation specific and we will customize your plan based on those needs.  

We offer three general Data Management Plans.  The Basic Plan gives you the confidence of knowing your data and records are safely and accurately stored.  Twice per year, we will transform these records into the information you need to make informed decisions.  For the producer wanting a more interactive partner, the Management Plan offers flexibility to incorporate additional types of data, and to request information throughout the year.  Need a list of cows?  Tell us your query and you'll have the list within 24 hours.  The Genetic Plan offers even more features for the registered producer.  We will submit all of your animal registrations and transfers, interface with your breed association and other partners, and track all aspects of your genetics program.


Above all, we want our data management service to fit YOUR needs.

Contact us for pricing and more details about these plans and other services.

Data Management Plans

Basic Plan


You Provide Us: 

Herd inventory, Breeding Records, Calving Results, Records for up to 8 traits

We Provide You:

Inventory lists, Pedigrees, Calving Lists, Calf Crop Summary, Trait Performance Summary

Management Plan


Everything from the Basic Plan plus:

You Provide Us:

Animal Locations, Health Treatments, Vaccination Records, Calendar of Activities, Records for unlimited traits

We Provide You:

Requested Animal Lists, Herd Health Summary, Management Reminders

Genetic Plan


Everything from the Management Plan plus:

You Provide Us:

Breed Association Information, Genetic/Genomic Testing Information

We Provide You:

Complete Registration Services, Tracking of Genetic Testing and Parentage Results