New Way Beef Strategies

Registration Services, Data Management,

 and Genetic Consulting


As cattle producers, we deal with a lot of information

Breeding records, calving records, birth, weaning and yearling weight data, pedigrees, EPD, vaccination programs, health treatments, sale results . . . and so on.  

Information is essential to making profitable decisions for our beef cattle operations.  

But, information is only valuable if it is accurate, accessible, and understandable.

Let Us Help

Manage your registrations and records.

Accurately maintaining animal data and farm records takes time.  Keeping this information organized and accessible is a challenge.  We are here to help.  We will handle all of your breed registrations and transfers, and much more. Let us manage the data so you can manage the cattle.   Send it to us and you're done!

Evaluate your herd.

How well do you really know your herd? Accurate data can guide selection and culling decisions, herd health and nutrition programs, marketing and sales strategies - all of your critical management decisions. Do you struggle to utilize and access all of the data available to you? We'll provide inventory lists and graphics that are easy for you to interpret. Do you want to look at your data in a different way? We can handle that.  

Answer your questions.

Accurate data are the building blocks of genetic improvement, and genetics are the foundation of your operation.  Do you have questions about genomics, EPD, or a trend you see in your herd?  We are here to help.  Genetics are our specialty!

Drop us a line!


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